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Hunan Huateng Pharma Tech Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huateng Pharma. Huateng Pharma Tech is located in Tongguan Circular Economy Industrial Base, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Hunan, China, and has  strong production equipment and production capacity. With our focus on operational excellence, and the integration of manufacturing operations with EHS, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory, supply chain management and project management, we can manufacture, scale-up and supply high-quality intermediates, chemical reagents and PEG Derivatives from our China facility.

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Highly Automatic And Intelligent Production Workshops

Huateng Pharma Tech is equipped with 4 modern multi-functional production workshops, 100,000-grade dust-free clean rooms of top industry standards, GMP standard production environment, and more than 800 sets of advanced facilities and management systems including enamel reactors, stainless steel hydrogenation reactors and nitrogen production systems. By integrating DCS, SIS and other systems to establish an interconnected real-time database, the industrial park can realize the integration of the production process and accomplish the complete transformation of lab scale - pilot plant - large-scale commercial production, with an annual capacity of more than 1 billion RMB.

No.Name of   EquipmentCapacityQuantity
1Hydrogenation Reactor2000L2
2Amination Reactor2000L1
3Liquid Nitrogen Low Temperature Reactor2000L4
4Stainless Steel Reactor1000L1
5Stainless Steel Reactor2000L2
6Stainless Steel Reactor3000L1
7Stainless Steel Reactor5000L12
8Enamel  Reactor500L2
9Enamel Reactor2000L21
10Enamel Reactor3000L31
11Enamel Reactor5000L92
12Pilot Plant Enamel Reactor200L2
13Pilot Plant Enamel Reactor300L3
14Pilot Plant Enamel Reactor500L4
15Pilot Plant Stainless Steel Reactor500L1
16Pilot Plant Enamel Reactor1000L4
17Pilot Plant Stainless Steel Reactor1000L1
18Pilot Plant Double Cone Vacuum Dryer1000L2
19Pilot Plant Centrifuge6002
20Enamel Rectifying Still300L2
21Enamel Rectifying Towerφ200*100002
22Enamel Rectifying Still5000L4
23Stainless Steel Rectifying Towerφ400*100002
24Enamel Rectifying Towerφ400*100002
25Enamel Rectifying Still2000L1
26Enamel Rectifying Towerφ400*100001
27Stainless Steel Rectifying Still3000L1
28Stainless Steel Rectifying Towerφ400*100001
29 Double Cone Vacuum Dryer2000L12
30 Double Cone Vacuum Dryer3000L2
31Top Discharge Centrifuge8001
32Top Discharge Centrifuge12502
33Top Discharge Centrifuge12501
34Flat Plate Bottom Discharge CentrifugeLGZ1250NF/3036
35Flat Plate Bottom Discharge CentrifugeLGZ1249HF4
36Decanter Centrifuge4502
37Decolorization Reactor2000L1
38Decolorization Reactor500L1
39Clean Room Crystallization Reactor2000L1
40Clean Room Crystallization Reactor500L1
41Clean Room Double Cone Vacuum Dryer1000L1
42Clean Room Centrifuge6001
437 Water ChillerMCW11001
447 Water ChillerMCW72001
457 Water Chiller490Kw1
467 Water Chiller720KW1
47-15 Evaporative Water-Cooled Screw Chiller980KW3
48Dual Stage Falling Film Evaporators20m2φ400*31003
49  Exhaust Gas Treatment Spray Towerφ1200*50008
50Cooling Tower450m3/h4
51PM Inverter Screw Air CompressorSL752
52Power Frequency Screw Air CompressorIRN751
53Nitrogen GeneratorBPN/TYN-300-992
55Wastewater Treatment 500m3/d1

GMP Standard Plant

Our plant operates in accordance with GMP and is experienced in dealing with inspections. In keeping with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which is administered by the quality department, we reliably manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs in our plant. 


Quality Assurance

Huateng Pharma Tech always adheres to the development policy of " Survival on Quality" and has set up a scientific quality management system. We strictly screen raw material suppliers and strive to control the quality from the source. At the same time, we have established intelligent clean rooms, integrated GMP standards and requirements into the 6S management operation, strictly enforced staff operating norms, and reviewed multiple levels to ensure the integrity and traceability of data in the production process. In addition, we have also introduced advanced and complete quality testing instruments, including 400 MHz NMR system, Agilent LC/MS, Waters HPLC, etc., to accurately and repeatedly test the validity of our products.  Huateng Pharma has successfully obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, and all products fully comply with quality specifications.


Environment Health & Safety (EHS)

Huateng Pharma Tech  is committed to ensuring and instilling excellence in EHS with a strong commitment to continuous improvement in our performance in the prevention and avoidance of occupational risks for our employees and reducing the environmental impact of all our operations.


High Standard Supporting Facilities

Huateng Pharma Tech has also developed a high-standard warehousing and logistics center. We have established 2 Class A warehouses of 750m², 1 Class C warehouse of 3600m² and 12 storage tanks of 50m³, equipped with intelligent testing system for real-time monitoring of warehouse temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions. All products are stored and handled in separate warehouses in strict accordance with national standards, effectively ensuring the stability and safety of products. At the same time, Huateng Pharma also has excellent logistics capability, which can provide fast and efficient services for customers worldwide.


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