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Pharmaceutical Research Institute

Huateng Drug Research Institute is dedicated to the development and declaration of generic and innovative drugs, and currently has a research area of nearly 2,000 square meters. The team is headed by experienced returnee PhDs and top native experts, with more than 100 personnel.

The Drug Research Institute mainly focuses on the development of chemical generics, long-acting targeted innovative drugs and biological drugs such as peptide and protein drugs. Meanwhile, we closely focus on two technology platforms, PEG derivatization and high-end preparations, and develop drugs in the fields of anti-tumor, anti-virus and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular with the goal of long-acting and sustained release.

At present, we have a rich R&D pipeline and have formed a three-pronged pattern of generic chemical drugs, innovative chemical drugs and biological drugs, with both Class I new drugs and Class II new drugs entering preclinical studies and generic varieties completing BE clinical trials.
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