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Huateng Pharmaceutical Raised 50 Million Yuan in the Series A Round of Funding

Release time:2019/9/18 16:04:03

On September 24, Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. raised 50 million yuan in the series A round of funding led by Ta…

On September 24, Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. raised 50 million yuan in the series A round of funding led by Tasly Capital's Boyi Fund and followed by Zhuhai Danchi Equity Investment Fund, and Hunan Dingteng Juzhi Investment Partnership. This round of funding will be mainly used for the construction of Huateng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park and the R&D and production of the long-term slow release targeted drug and PEGylated drug. Chen Zhihong, deputy secretary of the working committee of the Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee, and the heads of the contracted companies attended the signing ceremony of the strategic investment cooperation.


Deng Zeping, Chairman of Huateng Pharmaceutical (hereafter referred as HTP), delivered a welcome speech. "I am very grateful to Secretary Chen Zhihong for taking the time to participate in our signing ceremony. We are honored to receive the attention and funding of Tianshili Capital Fund, Zhuhai Danchi Equity Investment Fund and Hunan Dingteng Juzhi Investment Partnership.  And we are very grateful for your highly recognition. This round of funding will further promote the rapid development of HTP and promote the development of Hunan medicine.” When it comes to the emotional situation, Chairman Deng can not help but tears in eyes. “In the past five years, HTP has proudly owned the R&D building, production base, high-quality management team and R&D team. The company plans to complete the listing within 3 years and gradually develop into a market value of 10 billion. We are confident to bring shareholders, investors and society a surprise and live up to everyone’s expectations."

On behalf of Hunan Dingteng Juzhi Investment Partnership, Long Xiangyang, deputy general manager of HTP, said: “The managements of the company are very passionate about the company and recognizes Deng Zeping’s philosophy of “strive for the human health” and expect all HTP people to keep working hard to advance toward the established strategic goals with the help of leaders and partners".

Zhou Shuipang, dean of the Tianshili Pharmaceutical Research Institute expressed his sincere wishes for this signing ceremony: "Taishili and HTP have a lot of fate. Today's cooperation signing is only a beginning. We look forward to the early development of HTP as a 10 billion company. And, we believe HTP will continuously promote to a 50 billion enterprises with the efforts of collective wisdom".

Zhu Yanfei, general manager of Boyi Fund, said: "Thanks to Secretary Chen Zhihong for supporting HTP and investors. A quality enterprise has several conditions: a good leader, willingness to share, excellent technology. Deng Zeping, chairman of HTP, has overseas study and entrepreneurial background and has good team quality. The employees of HTP are full of confidence in the development of the company and are willing to follow the growth of the company. Besides, the long-term modification of the drug technology is in a leading international level. Boyi Fund is optimistic about the professional image and corporate cohesion of HTP and the added value brought by drug research and development with multinational pharmaceutical companies. We expect the technological advantages can be transformed into market advantages and hope that this sincere cooperation can create greater value for enterprises and society."

Chen Zhihong, deputy secretary of the Working Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee, highly praised the signing ceremony: “The investment of Tianshili Capital’s Boyi Fund is not only the recognition to HTP, but also a recognition to High-tech Zone. HTP has first-class innovation capability and internationally leading R&D level. Chairman Deng Zeping is both a scientist and an industrialist. From the development of HTP, I see the feelings of Chairman Deng’s service to the motherland and appreciate his management ability, research and development ability and diligent Hunan spirit. HTP team is harmonious, pragmatic and innovative. I fully believe that through this cooperation, the company can accelerate its take-off and realize a market value of 10 billion yuan and even 50 billion yuan."


The signing ceremony ended in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, and the cooperation between HTP and the investment institutions such as the Boyi Fund will officially sail. With the promotion of this round of investment, HTP will accelerate product research and development and transformation of achievements, continue to give full play to talent advantages and innovative ideas, build a world-leading new drug research and development platform, and strive for human health!