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By accessing, visiting or using our website (https://en.huatengsci.com/), you agree to accept and be bound by the following terms and conditions. You understand and acknowledge that the following terms and conditions may be changed or adjusted from time to time in accordance with legal requirements and/or the needs of this website. By continuing to use this website, you agree that the revised terms and conditions apply. If you do not agree, please do not enter, access or use this website or any information thereon.

1. You understand and acknowledge that you must act in good faith and with caution when using this website or all acts related to the services and products of this website (including but not limited to accessing, browsing, utilizing, reproducing, promoting and introducing); you must not intentionally or negligently damage or weaken the various legal rights and interests of this website, and you must not use this website in any way to directly or indirectly engage in acts that violate Chinese laws, international conventions and social morals. You shall abide by the following commitments: to comply with the agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of this website and the network services associated with it, to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and not to use this website and the network services associated with it for illegal purposes and improper uses. 2.

2. You understand and acknowledge that the terms of the Privacy Policy of this website and voluntarily accept to be bound by the Privacy Policy.

3. You understand and confirm that you will not commit any illegal acts or damage the normal use of this website in any illegal way.

4. You understand and acknowledge that we have the right to suspend your use of our website and services temporarily or indefinitely if you are under the age of majority.

5. You understand and acknowledge that the information and materials published on this website are current and may no longer be accurate or valid due to changes in circumstances or other factors after the date of publication of the information or materials on which they are based. Therefore, this website does not assume any legal responsibility for your decision due to the timeliness of the information and materials posted on this website.

6. You understand and acknowledge that, unless otherwise expressly stated by the Company or mandatorily required by Chinese law, the original works on this website are jointly copyrighted by the website and the author, and that you may not reproduce or publish any content on this website without the written permission of the Company. Without the common consent of this website and the author, no other organization may infringe the copyright of its works in any form, including but not limited to: unauthorized copying, linking, illegal use or reproduction, and at the same time, no one may make a mirror image on a server that is not owned by the Company.

7. The content of this website represents only the views of the author, does not represent the views and opinions of this website, has nothing to do with the position of this website, the relevant responsibility of the author's own responsibility.

8. Any information and materials (including but not limited to text, pictures, charts) you download or otherwise obtain through this website are for informational purposes only and do not mean that this website agrees with its statements or descriptions, only to provide more information, and do not constitute any investment advice. For all actions made by visitors based on the information provided on this website, unless otherwise expressly written commitment documents, this website does not assume any form of responsibility, and the risks that may occur are borne by you.

9. you provide some personal information when registering in this website, this website will not disclose any information of the user to any party in any way except for your own consent and the provisions of Article 10.

10. You understand and acknowledge that when relevant government departments, judicial authorities, etc. request the disclosure of personal information on this website in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal information in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public safety. Under such circumstances, the website is exempt from any disclosure.

11. The website will not be responsible for any personal information leakage caused by you informing others of your personal password or sharing your registered account with others.

12. We may change or delete the information and materials on this website without any notice, or discontinue or stop the operation of this website. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the change or deletion of information or the interruption or discontinuation of the operation of this website, regardless of the reason.