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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Huateng Pharma is expert in manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical intermediates in its ultra-modern state of art facilities located at Changsha, China.  Pharmaceutical intermediates are compounds that form the building blocks of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Pharmaceutical intermediates are produced as by-products during the production of APIs. Each reaction in the API production process produces a variety of different pharmaceutical intermediates. Pharmaceutical intermediates are used in the production of bulk drugs and are also used by various pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies for research and development purposes.

We are a full-service Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) for pharmaceutical intermediates, offering our customers innovative solutions to their bespoke projects, from the early clinical phase through to the commercial stage.We can provide pharmaceutical companies with reliable, high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates by developing cost-efficient manufacturing processes in full compliance with environmental, health and safety, and GMP international standards.

We can provide the following featured pharmaceutical intermediates. Pharmaceutical intermediates not listed in our catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at sales@huatengusa.com about pricing and availability.

Drug Intermediates of Antineoplastics
Drug Intermediates of Antivirals
Drug Intermediates of Antidiabetes
Drug Intermediates of Cardiovascular Agents
Drug Intermediates of Anti-fungal Agents
Drug Intermediates of Respiratory Tract Agents
Drug Intermediates of Gastrointestinal Agents
Drug Intermediates of Hepatobiliary Disorders
Drug Intermediates of Analgesics
Drug Intermediates of Antipsychotics
Other Intermediates